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Discover the Simple, Yet Extremely Effective Secret to Manifesting Abundance & Transforming Your Life For the Good!
Discover the Simple, Yet Extremely Effective Secret to Manifesting Abundance & Completely Transforming Your Life! 
I'm sure you've heard about the power of affirmations and their ability to impact your life in a positive way, but they do have one major flaw that nobody seems to mention...
I'm sure you've heard about the power of affirmations and their ability to impact your life in a positive way, but they do have one major flaw that nobody seems to mention...

I will get to that in just a moment, but first let me tell you a story. My name is Richard Webb and I’m just a regular person like you. Throughout my life, I have experienced both struggle and success as I have searched for ways to speed up the process of accomplishing my goals and getting to where I want to go in the shortest time possible. I have attended too many seminars & self-help programs to mention, but had always felt like there was a missing piece.

In early 2013, I was listening to a song repeatedly (I'm on Top of the World, by Karen Carpenter) while at the same time doing visualizations, affirmations, etc for a long list of goals.

After several months of doing that, a trip came together to go to Svalbard, an island in the Arctic, which is the farthest north that a commercial plane can travel.

At the time, I did not make the connection between the song and my trip simply because I was not trying to manifest a trip to the Arctic. However, I was amazed at the ease in which it came together, including being able to pay for it.

On the last night I was there, I told my friend that I went with, "You know what's interesting? For the last 4 months, I've been listening to the song, "I'm on Top of the World" by Karen Carpenter and here we are literally on Top of the World."

This is when I had my epiphany:


I realized that the glaring flaw with affirmations is to get them to work effectively you need time, repetition, and intensity and LOTS of it! They need to be infused with sincere and deep-felt emotion. The problem is that soon after you're done saying affirmations, life gets in the way and you forget all about it.

The power of the affirmation is lost because it doesn't stick in your mind. That’s because they are missing a key component that gives them that mental stickiness and emotion that makes all the difference in the world. No matter your race, religion, creed, or status Music Is The Tool That Speaks To All Of Us!

When You Add Positive Lyrics + Beautiful Music + The Right Frequency + Repetition, You Will Be Amazed At The Difference You See In Your Life!

Thea Westra
Perth, Australia
"I’m actually quite astonished at the shift in myself and the positive changes in my life, since. I took on board an amazing opportunity during last year which increased my income, as well as a surprise income boost from work past done, also I am very relaxed about working fewer hrs yet still accomplishing many things."

Words cannot describe the impact that experience had on me because I was actively following programs & doing things to accomplish my long list of goals, yet I still struggled. Then just by listening to & repeating a song, I manifested with ease something I wasn't even trying for.

I immediately knew that I had to share this with the world, but I wasn't a songwriter, nor did I believe I could be (until mid-2014). However, I learned something that was not just important for me, it was important for Humanity. Have you listened to the lyrics of popular songs lately? Do you have kids? If so, how do you feel about the songs your children are listening to?

Anyway, I found a way to do what had to be done and as of Fall 2015, I had written 24 songs using AFFIRMATIONS AS LYRICS. Using professional singers and arrangers, I sent them the words and the melodies and they did the rest. The results from creating songs in this way has not just been inspirational, they have been magical! We're talking about synchronicities, motivation and transformations that happen SO MUCH EASIER than you can imagine!

For example, my first test was with a song called, "Its So Easy to Build Our House". Within 4 months, we had completely remodeled our shower, remodeled our garage (including walls, ceiling, door & floor) and found the way to pay for an infrared sauna and Catalina Swim Spa to be put in our garage. We took the actions, but they were effortless. After listening to the song, "I Feel Like a Millionaire" for about a month, I woke up one morning with a message (from my dream) that I needed to take my son to a health detox retreat in Sedona. For 9 days, he and I stayed at a resort and worked out a trade where I'd provide some marketing services in exchange for a place to stay, delicious organic food, 3 meals every day & a whole week of training & instruction for detoxing our bodies. This should have cost us well over $5000. Instead it was about $200 for materials. Then a friend I was talking to about my trip to Sedona told me that his dad had invited him to go to Sedona and stay in his dad's timeshare. Since there was an extra room, they invited us to stay for free. The timing of that was miraculous. They were arriving on the exact day that we were finishing up the 9 day detox retreat. Two weeks in Sedona cost us $200 plus gas. Then, there was the song, "Living in Harmony". After listening to that for several weeks, another friend called me out of the blue and told me that he wanted to give me some tickets to a conference by Kirk Duncan, who is a popular speaker. This conference was already paid and it was for 2 people. It turns out that this conference was exactly what my wife and I needed to take our marriage to the next level. Several key things came from this that have resulted in increased harmony in our home. I could go on and on, but I'll let you read more in the ebook that comes with these songs. 

The reason this process works so well and is causing magical transformations in peoples lives around the world is because of the power of music. Every one of us has had the experience where you just can’t, try as you might, get that one jingle or song out of your head. It’s so persistent in fact that it often sticks with you for days! It’s for this reason that music is the perfect medium to deliver affirmations and other positive life enhancing statements.

Not only do the songs ‘stick’ in your conscious mind, the music also helps to create the emotion that is needed for those thoughts to sink deep into your subconscious mind.

"I decided to give it a shot and went in with an open mind. After just a month I could tell there was a difference in me, I was more aware of opportunities and was able to see past obstacles that seemed too big to overcome. There's something amazing about this concept, this takes the idea of manifestation to a whole new level."
Eder Holguin
CEO, Ideal Media, Inc 
New York City, NY
"Just a few weeks ago I was handling my money poorly and had all kinds of personal sabotage keeping me from moving forward with my life. Well now I am doing better each day at managing finances and growing my personal and Professional practice. So once more and always, THANK YOU!"
Dean Bowden
Meditation Teacher/Reiki Master
Ogden, UT
"Listening to Richard's affirmation songs gives a resonance of feeling, stimulating positive emotions, layered with affirmative words that capture my mind and soul. I believe that combining words with frequency in a beautifully melodic song can create the change we wish to see in ourselves and in the world."
Emily Jolley
Owner, Conscious Connection
Salt Lake City, UT
Introducing... The Today Album: 12 Songs Scientifically Engineered to Transform Lives

More than Just Beautiful Music... These Songs Are Used as Transformational Tools 

The Today Album contains 12 songs focusing on a variety of subjects such as health, financial success, relationships, tranquility, gratitude & more. These songs have the power to emotionally charge us far more than words alone. When we feel the emotion, with the right words, that's when the Magic Happens!

Who hasn't been emotionally moved in some way from a song before? We all have, but the difference here is that we are literally coming up with the most powerful messages and affirmations that could apply to most anyone and making a song out of them. 

Its not subliminal, nor spoken words that we are talking about. Its the real lyrics and the music has also been adjusted to a pitch that is more harmonious to achieving your goals. 

The song itself becomes your personal development program. Repeat it multiple times throughout each day and within a couple weeks, you will see shifts and changes that seem to happen almost automatically and the amazing part is how easy it is. In a nutshell, having the affirmations in the song speeds up the process! The more you repeat the songs, the faster you see the positive changes.

Even though the messages within the lyrics are general in that they could apply to most anyone, the outcomes that happen will be unique to every person due to the unique experiences, people, and resources in each persons life.

We have other albums with a variety of singers and styles that are available as well, but the Today Album is the starting point. You will not only get some of the most powerful transformational tools available to speed up your success, but you also contribute to our society as a whole as we increase the number of positive, transformational songs available.

Click to Play the First Sample: "I Allow Prosperity", from the Today Album. 

Get Aligned to Your Source of Wealth and Allow Prosperity to Flow Easily.


(Listen to 2 More Sample Audio Clips Below)

Sophia Loren, One of the Greatest Actresses of All Time, Credits Her Rise to Fame TO A SONG, despite Her Difficult & Challenging Start In Life…

As one of the most famous actresses of all time, Sophia Loren's rise to fame as an actress was not only unlikely, but it was against all odds. In her book, Soulmates, Dr. Carolyn Miller tells the story: As a child, Sophia was ruthlessly teased for being illegitimate, ugly, skinny, and poor. With such a disadvantaged beginning, Sophia attributes her success in life largely to her maternal grandmother. 

As a baby, Sophia’s grandmother made up a song that contained words confirming that when she grew up she would be happy, rich, beautiful and adored. All of her dreams would magically come true. Over and over throughout her childhood, Sophia’s grandmother sang this song to her. By her early twenties, in spite of having a difficult and destitute start in life, every word of that song had come to pass.

Click to Play the 2nd Sample: In Your Arms (from the Today Album)

Find the love of your life or deepen the existing love you have with your romantic partner

Transformational Songs within the Today Album
Today is the Best Day

Live in the Present. Feel Gratitude. Take Action on Your Goals

My Life Is Epic

Live Courageously. Achieve Goals. Increase Confidence. Fulfill My Destiny.

Healthy & Whole

Feel Healthy & Better Each Day. Renew Energy. Eat Nourishing Foods.

In Your Arms

Feel Love So Strong. Feel Oneness. Easy to Communicate. Passion.

Living in Harmony

Our Love is Unconditional. Feel Supported & Protected in Family.

Getting Ahead

Success Comes Easily. Loving Life. Feeling Happy. Improving Each Day. Feel Empowered.

Seeds of Greatness

Create Happiness. Nourish the Seeds of Greatness. Fulfill Destiny.

I Feel Tranquility

Feel Tranquility. Respect from Others. Be at Peace. Feel Happy.

I Allow Prosperity

Get Aligned to Your Source of Wealth and Allow Prosperity to Flow Easily

Great Value Today

Clients are So Happy. Taking Business Viral. Actions are Aligned.

My Vibrations Go Higher

Fulfilling Health Desires. Inspired Actions. Radiate Beauty & Love.

I Feel Like a Millionaire

Profits Build Steadily. Sales Come In Easily.  Allow for Abundance.

This Album is a Great Introduction to Creating Your Own Musical Manifestations! 

REMEMBER! All you have to do is choose the songs that you like and most apply to your situation, put them in a playlist on your computer or phone and then REPEAT them as much as you are ableYou will be surprised how things come together to propel you towards your goals. We are excited to hear about the experiences you are soon to have.

In addition to these 12 life changing songs I am also going to include 2 bonuses that will aid you in your transformation. (listed below the next audio sample)

Click to Play the Third Sample: I Feel Tranquility (from the Today Album)

Release the Stress in Your Life. Feel Peace. Attract the Respect from Those Who Surround You.

My Musical Manifestation Story Ebook 20 pgs

Hear Richard Webb's amazing story that took him to a remote tropical island in Panama and a few months later to the top of the world in Svalbard, Norway in 2013.

And through this journey, he discovered a simple truth about using music for manifestation purposes and how songs can be one of the most powerful tools we have to take us from where we are to where we want to go.

As a result of this experience, Richard became a songwriter in 2014 and within 1 year, wrote 24 songs using affirmations as lyrics of songs. Read some incredible stories of what has happened as a result.


If you have reached the point where you are willing to do whatever it takes to accomplish your goals & dreams NOW, then this training is for you! It helps you set personalized goals and utilize them with our Transformational Songs to create enormous momentum.

In this Advanced Training, you will learn the following:

  • How to Best Set Your Primary Intention – Personalized to your needs
  • Asking Empowering Questions – How & why to ask the right questions
  • Neutralizing all Obstacles Meditation – Nothing can stop you
  • The Substitution Game – You think you have a problem. Change the meaning of it.
  • Future Diary Process & Bridging – 2 powerful techniques to guide your subconscious to accept your desired future outcome.
  • Conscious Breathing – A powerful, effective way to create more balance in our lives
  • Binaural Beat Songs – What they are and how they can amplify your success
The Zero Risk and No Questions Asked Money Back Guarantee

I am so confident that you are going to absolutely love Today Album that if for ANY reason you are not completely thrilled with it, just send me a message and I will refund your entire purchase… NO hassles or runaround.

Don't think or wonder about this. Now is the time to take action and start seeing the results you have always wanted. I strongly encourage you to get the Today Album (along with the bonuses) and start creating Musical Manifestations in YOUR Life! It changed my life forever and I know it will for yours too!

To Your Success,

Richard Webb (The Guy Who Puts Affirmations to Music)

P.S. If you are anything like me and truly believe in the power of affirmations, but have always felt that there was something missing, this album is for you! Don’t put this off and forget about it! Download your copy of the Today album… Today!
Don't Miss Out on Getting the Today Album for this price! We regularly sell it for $37.95, but the value is way beyond that based on how much the songs can benefit your life!
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